James E. Bunch

James was born in Kentucky in 1922. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II from 1942 until 1945 receiving an Honorable Discharge Dec. 21, 1945. During this period James received 5 Bronze Stars and a Bronze Arrowhead for action in the Pacific Theatre of Operation.

After his discharge he returned to Kentucky but shortly relocated to Darke County, OH in 1950. James had 3 sons, Jim Jr., Jerry and Mike. Jim Jr. went on to become a truck driver, Mike worked for Union Roofing and Jerry remained with his dad at Bunch Roofing and eventually became the owner in 1980. Jerry’s son, Jerry Jr. is slated to the next president of Bunch Roofing & Supply upon Jerry Sr.’s retirement thus continuing the Bunch Roofing legacy for the 3rd generation.